Compound Medications
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Compound Medications

Compounded drugs are medications that are not commercially available and are made to fit a patient’s individual needs. They can be prepared in certain strengths, dosage forms and concentrations. These compounded drugs are prescribed by a physician, veterinarian or other healthcare professional and are compounded by a state-licensed pharmacist. Standard medications may not be suitable for patients with unique healthcare needs, due to their condition, route of administration or pricing.

Our compounding pharmacy in Brandon, FL can compound preservative-free or allergen-free prescriptions for patients with sensitivities. Our compound pharmacy in Brandon, may be able to formulate the medication as a cream or gel for a patient who has difficulty swallowing pills. Take advantage of our custom compounding pharmacy in Brandon, FL today!

Our compounding expert pharmacy team at Brandon Benzer Pharmacy provide various medication therapies in different strengths and forms that would benefit every patient, depending on their needs.

We specialize in the following

Women’s Health Compounds

Men’s Health Compounds

Children’s Compounds

Sports Medicine Compounds

Veterinary Compounds

Podiatry Compounds

Dermatology Compounds

Pain Management Compounds

Many More!