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Benzer Pharmacy in Brandon provides pharmacy Medical Services like E-Prescriptions, Online Refills, Refill Reminder, 90-Day Prescriptions etc.
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Benzer Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans including: Aetna, Humana, Medicaid, Medco, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, Medicare Part D, Express Scripts and many more. To see if your plan is accepted, ask your pharmacist at our pharmacy store in Brandon, FL.

Online Prescription Refills

Refill your prescriptions in person, online, or by phone—even automatically, when you sign up for our Auto-Refill program. Go to www.benzerpharmacy.com and create an account and manage your prescriptions online. You can also transfer or refill your prescription on your mobile device by simply scanning the bar code.


E-prescriptions are sent from the healthcare provider such as a doctor electronically via a secured computer software to the pharmacist. At our pharmacy in Brandon, FL we accept e-prescriptions because it enhances patient safety, as well as reduces drug costs and prescription errors.

Refill Reminder

Do you always forget to place a refill order and run out of your medications? If yes, here’s a solution for you! Allow our team at Benzer Pharmacy in Brandon, FL to work on your refill orders BEFORE you need them. That way, they will always be ready whenever it is convenient for you to pick them up. We would like you to spend your time with your family and friends rather than waiting for a prescription to be refilled at the pharmacy.

FREE Home Delivery

Keeping your convenience and safety in mind, our pharmacy in Brandon, FL offers you FREE home delivery of your medications.

90-Day Prescriptions

This option allows you to fill a 90-day supply of a prescription through our pharmacy. All you need is a prescription from you doctor for a 90-day supply of the medications and bring the prescription to Benzer Pharmacy in Brandon, FL. This program helps you save on your prescription costs and time by filling prescriptions less often.

Customized Medication Packaging

With our customized medication program, we aim to provide enhanced and professional healthcare services to our customers, especially for the elderly. Our program is handy for those patients who cannot manage their own medications due to physical disabilities or other factors. Our packaging system helps you keep track of all your medications. We provide easy-to-open containers and can package daily and weekly doses - great for traveling or for patients with complicated medication regimes.

Worker’s Compensation

At Benzer Pharmacy in Brandon, FL, our biggest concern is you. We take the financial burden out of the prescription process and have medications delivered to your door step without any hassle. We are aware of the Workers’ Compensation process and our licensed pharmacists ensure you receive quality and effective care. We have a dedicated and friendly staff who look out for your best interest.

Free Medication Flavoring

The primary reason which prevents children and pets from taking the recommended dosage they need in order to get better is the bitterness of medications. Our skilled pharmacist can mask the unpleasant flavor of your prescription and over-the-counter medications. And with lots of kid and pet approved flavors, you can choose their favorite. It works well for grownups, too!

Long Term Care

Benzer Pharmacy in Brandon, FL serves the pharmacy needs of skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, hospice programs and behavioral health group homes. Our pharmacy fulfills the daily medication needs of many nursing facility residents. Our expert pharmacists understand the unique needs of the elderly patients and work with medication dosage requirements, drug interactions, and drug therapy regimens.